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This Month in the Vegetable Garden - August

After spending most of the summer in Sweden, my vegetable garden is a blank slate except for a few weeds. For me, August will be a month of planning and prepping, unless we get some cooler, wetter weather.  I don’t want to fight mother nature. 

I love planning for my Fall garden.  Checking my journal to see where I planted the vegetables last year and changing it up for this year. Checking the recommended vegetable varieties for our area and placing an order for seeds.

But first I needed to pull those weeds.  I had cleaned up the debris from the Spring garden before I left on my trip.  Next, I will spread three inches of organic matter on the garden.  I usually use grass clippings.  Not easy when you don’t need to mow the lawn because of the drought. Compost or leaves will work too.  Turn it into the soil two weeks before planting.  Adding fertilizer is the third step.  Horse or cattle manure may be substituted for commercial fertilizer.  Never use poultry manure on a Fall garden.  Then just before you plant, water your garden with a sprinkler for a couple hours and then let it dry out for several days. Then you will be ready to plant.

Enjoy the start of your Fall garden.

Photo by Marc Pascual via Pixabay

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Earth-kind® Gardening

Individuals using Earth-Kind landscaping principles and practices can create beautiful, easy-care landscapes, while conserving and protecting natural resources and the environment. Earthkind® Landscaping combines research-based traditional and organic techniques to provide maximum performance while protecting the environment.  Developed by Texas A&M University, it provides strategies for accomplishing these four major goals:

  • Conservation of Water and Water Quality

  • Reduction of Pesticide and Fertilizer Use

  • Conservation of Energy

  • Reductions of Yard Waste Entering the Landfill

Find out which plants fit the Earth-kind® criteria here.


Texas Superstar®

Everybody likes a sure thing, right?  While those can be hard to come by in the garden, planting Texas Superstars gives even novice gardeners a great head start.  Based on a partnership between Texas A&M Research, Texas A&M Agrilife, and Texas Nurseries, the Texas Superstar® program researches and makes available to the public the most reliable and best-looking plants for Texas.  The program provides a selection of annuals, perennials, per-annuals, shrubs, trees, and other specialty plants such as vegetables, fruits, and orchids which are proven to thrive all over Texas with minimum fuss.

For help selecting and growing Texas Superstars, finding local retailers or to search the Texas Superstar® database click here.

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Articles and Archives

If you’re looking for a recent article we featured, click here to search our 2021 HCMGA newsletters.  Information from our plant care files will be available soon.


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